Games Germany roundtable @ Game Rome 2019

20.12.2019 | 

This November representatives from our Games Germany members of Bavaria and North Rhine-Westphalia have been visiting the fast growing games conference “Game Rome” in Italy. Within our round table talk “Connecting Across Borders – Working Together as Networking and Funding Agencies in Germany – and Europe?” on the second conference day we focused on introducing Games Germany and the federal structure of German games business development services to Italian game developer and local institutions. We were very pleased to rise some valuable questions and we managed to start a small discussion about the different landscapes of games industry and media politics in different countries.  In Germany the networking and funding institutions are responsible for specific regions within Germany (e.g. Bavaria, Berlin, Hamburg, North Rhine-Westphalia etc.). We founded Games Germany to cooperate under one umbrella brand. With Games Germany we support national and international events, communicate with international partners and provide relevant insights on the German games industry. We are on our way to connect with European networking and funding agencies to exchange on challenges and to talk about our different approaches and solutions. Maybe we can even find a way of working together across national borders.