With this initiative, we intend to increase in a mutual process the awareness among games industry members regarding the region, and vice versa increase the region’s awareness towards the games industry, and the impulses and innovations it provides, thereby supporting the exchange of thoughts among the branches involved, the general public, the political and the business community.


Main purpose of the association is the support of the games industry in Frankfurt am Main and the Rhine Main region, achieved by strengthening its networking and cooperative potential.

The gamearea-FRM focus on cross-linking companies of the games industry with other companies from branches of the so-called creative industries (e.g. publishing houses, TV. Internet, films, music, advertising, public relations, Design) and information technology and telecommunications (including hard- and software). Furthermore aims at strengthening and promoting Frankfurt am Main as a location for media industries that is modern and innovative, thus creating new jobs within the region, and keeping those jobs already established. To achieve this, we closely cooperate with political parties and business development and marketing institutions, and accompany them in the process of settling new companies in the region.


In addition, the association supports research and development as well as basic training and continuing education. Main purpose is carried into effect in particular by means of

  • strengthening the networking among games industry companies and with companies of the creative industries, and supporting the establishment and consolidation of business relations within the region.
  • promoting of and creating public awareness for the regional games industry, its companies and major players, and for the business location Frankfurt Rhine Main in general.
  • setting up and realizing program events, working groups, panels, public presentations and other information events.
  • representing the members in relation to the business and political communities and supporting the establishment of cooperative arrangements with education and science institutions.
  • strengthening and supporting of institutions which train and provide continuous education to ensure the region’s need for highly trained, specialized personnel is met.
  • strengthening and supporting member interests and cluster and technology development.
  • strengthening and supporting business founders.


represented by Philip Weiss
Chairman of the Board
 +49 69-716 716-60

Standortinitiative gamearea-FRM e. V.

Rüsselsheimer Str.  22
60326 Frankfurt/Main