Games Germany brings back Steam Event for games „Made in Germany“

05.04.2023 | 

After last year’s great success, Games Germany will bring back a “Made in Germany” Steam Sale this summer! Therefore, we are looking for games from German developers to celebrate their creativity.

The Sale is set for the end of June 2023. We want to showcase the vast variety of games made in Germany, so don’t hesitate to apply as long as you are a studio or a publisher with a head office in Germany.

To participate in this Steam event, please fill out this form by May 12, 2023.

To guarantee a certain quality, the Steam reviews of the submitted games should be at least mostly positive (in individual cases, or if your game is reviewed positively by Steam users but doesn’t have enough reviews to generate a user rating, an exception can be made to this rule).

Each developer is allowed to submit 2 items in total (you’re free to choose if you want to feature already released or upcoming games to generate Wishlist entries; item can refer to your game or bundle). Publishers are allowed to submit more than 2 items, as long as they are developed by different devs with a head office in Germany.
Please note: It will not be possible to consider all submissions.

Need help finding your app ID? Go to the Steam page of your game, check the URL.

The app ID is included in the URL between app/…/game title, e.g.

If you have any further questions, please contact
For more information about Games Germany and its members, visit

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