2nd Games Germany Steam Sale shines with 215+ Games „Made in Germany“

30.08.2023 | 

The second Games Germany Steam Sale continued the success of the first one.
Until June 29, 2023, more than 215 games „Made in Germany“ could be purchased on the platform at a reduced price. Among them are a large number of well-known games and studios. Some of the winners of the German Computer Game Award and the German Developer Award will be represented at the Games Germany Steam event. Among others, „Chained Echoes“ by Matthias Linda, „Everspace 2“ by ROCKFISH Games, „Anno 1800“ by Ubisoft Mainz, „Hunt: Showdown“ by Crytek, „Dorfromantik“ by Toukana Interactive and „Signalis“ by rose-engine.

The Steam Sale was initiated and organized by Games Germany, the association of German games promotion and network institutions. The goal of Games Germany is to present the great variety of German games on the online distribution platform Steam to users worldwide and to support German studios in the distribution of their games. Major German publishers such as Crytek, Deck13 Interactive GmbH, Daedalic Entertainment, Assemble Entertainment and THQ Nordic are also making their titles available for the „Made in Germany“ sale starting June 22.

According to the manufacturer, Steam has over 69 million active users every day. Participation in this sale event offers developers the chance to expand the international reach of their games and increase their name recognition.