Games Germany @ gamescom 2019
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Games Germany reception @ Malmö 2019
Warm Up Reception at Nordic Game in Malmö Vol. 3
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Film und Medienstiftung NRW gets new funding guidelines
Deutscher Entwicklerpreis 2018
Games Germany once again supports the Indie Arena Booth at gamescom


Games Germany roundtable @ Game Rome 2019

20.12.2019 | This November representatives from our Games Germany members of Bavaria and North Rhine-Westphalia have been visiting the fast growing games conference “Game Rome” in Italy. Within our round table talk “Connecting Across Borders – Working Together as Networking and Funding Agencies in Germany - and Europe?” on the second conference day we focused on introducing [read more]

German Bundestag approves: Federal Budget for 2020 includes 50 million euros for games funding

15.11.2019 | The Finance Committee of the German Bundestag has decided: The federal budget for 2020 and the upcoming years will also include a funding in the amount of 50 million euros to promote computer game development in Germany. Thus, it is now certain that the games funding introduced only last year will continue at federal level. [read more]

Join us @ Deutscher Entwicklerpreis 2019

08.11.2019 | The German Developer Award differs from other awards for video games in one crucial respect: The spotlight here is also on the people behind the games: Developers, publishers, community managers - in short, all those who drive the German games industry forward. That's why we would also love to invite you to join us at [read more]


Games Germany - RegionalFunds and Networks is a cooperation of six funding and seven network institutions from different parts of Germany due to the federal political system. Under the umbrella of Games Germany (GG),these local game institutions are represented within one united national appearance.