Deutscher Entwicklerpreis 2018
Games Germany once again supports the Indie Arena Booth at gamescom
Games Germany reception @ Malmö 2018
Invitation: Games Germany @ Malmö 2018
German Developers Award 2017
Games Germany Reception @ gamescom
Indie Arena Booth @ gamescom


Deutscher Entwicklerpreis 2018

06.12.2018 | Well, was a blast. A great show with great hosts, great nominees and amazing winners. A night to be there and if you missed it, make sure next time.

Federal State of Saarland starts funding program for games

31.08.2018 | Today it officially starts: The games funding program in another  federal state of Germany: The Saarland. For a start they have a budget of € 100.00 and the funding idea is based on three pillars: Money, networking and competence building. The official press release can be found here. German only though.

Gamescom revisited

29.08.2018 | Hi all, it was a great gamescom in Cologne last week, wasn´t it?


Games Germany - RegionalFunds and Networks is a cooperation of six funding and seven network institutions from different parts of Germany due to the federal political system. Under the umbrella of Games Germany (GG),these local game institutions are represented within one united national appearance.